Kiss A simpler, smarter web application framework for Ruby

Kiss::Bench Module


Generates HTML reports on exceptions raised from the app, showing the backtrace with clickable stack frames with TextMate links to source files, plus login hash, last SQL, GET/POST params, cookies, and Rack environment variables.

Public Instance Methods

prepend_benchmarks(document) source

Not documented

    # File lib/kiss/bench.rb, line 7
    def prepend_benchmarks(document)
      html = "<style>\n.kiss_bench {\ntext-align: left;\npadding: 3px 7px;\nborder: 1px solid #ec4;\nborder-top: 1px solid #fff4bb;\nborder-bottom: 1px solid #d91;\nbackground-color: #ffe590;\nfont-size: 12px;\ncolor: #101;\n}\n.kiss_bench a {\ncolor: #930;\ntext-decoration: none;\n}\n.kiss_bench a:hover {\ncolor: #930;\ntext-decoration: underline;\n}\n</style>\n"
      html += do |item|
        start_link = context_link(item[:start_context])
        end_link = context_link(item[:end_context])
        "<div class=\"kiss_bench\">\n<tt><b>\#{item[:label].to_s.gsub(/\\</,'&lt;')} duration: \#{sprintf(\"%0.3f\",item[:end_time].to_f - item[:start_time].to_f)} s</b></tt>\n<small style=\"line-height: 105%; display: block; padding-bottom: 3px\">kiss bench<br/>started at \#{start_link}<br/>ended at \#{end_link || 'controller completion'}</small>\n</div>\n"

Disabled; run with $DEBUG to generate this.